We believe that our company’s infrastructure is fully equipped to meet our long-term ambitions for growth, sustainability and entrepreneurship. Our infrastructure is based on continuous innovation and active investment, as well as rigorous efficiency programs, smart ICT solutions and innovative logistics.

We are currently implementing several high-level projects, such as upgrading our digital logistics computer program, building new warehouses along with an automated storage system that will allow more efficient storage of products and in turn reduce energy and maintenance costs. Delivery to our customers will be even faster, more economical and flexible.

Over 10 years of operation, we have built strong relationships with major transport companies, so we can ensure fast, safe and cheap delivery to any corner of the world. We provide professional assistance in customs formalities and shipment of goods outside the European Union.

Regardless of the size of the business, we can guarantee space for more than 80,000 m2 with more than 500,000 pallets and an A* credit rating that ensures financial security.

Our ERP platform enables more efficient performance of key activities such as fast delivery, efficient flow of goods, optimal inventory management and accurate customs and excise declaration. Our platform has a short lead time for new features, so we can respond quickly to market opportunities. The synergy between our 4PL and logistics results in a unique supply chain process that is a key element of our company’s DNA. Ensuring full compliance at all stages of the business process is a standard UN/SHOP procedure.

Feedback is the key to success, we can provide direct inventory and order status visibility online, and our IT team can integrate interfaces with or from the customer’s ERP system.