The ultimate goal of most of our partners is to improve the end user experience.

B2B customers of beauty brands are demanding. They expect companies to deliver a high-level, rich, multi-channel and smooth customer experience.

If your company operates in the beauty sector, you should strive to improve the quality of this experience at all stages and points of contact throughout the client’s journey. This is not an easy task. Customer journey in this sector is known to be particularly challenging because customer contact overlaps between online and offline experiences.

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service - from finding out the needs, discussing product requirements and confirming the order to after-sales service and delivery. UN/SHOP assigns a personal manager and order administrator to each of our clients - both accessible by phone, email, video conference or face-to-face meetings 24/7.

Our various partnerships combine both the benefits of WIGIG products and the diversity and constant supply of permanent stocks, so our customers can find the biggest brands at great prices.

Our motto 'Everything is possible, impossible just takes longer' visually implies that any product in the beauty and health sector can be delivered to any corner of the world. If we don’t have a specific brand in our portfolio or a specific product at the moment, we’ll always go the extra mile to find what our friends are looking for and deliver safely door-to-door as quickly as possible.

Our team is ready to provide the highest level of service 24/7 and offer a bunch of innovative solutions making our collaboration extremely simple but highly efficient.

The diversity of UN/SHOP brands and low minimum order values have reached more than 2,800 unique B2B and B2C customers worldwide, making it a one-stop shop for small and large businesses.

We currently offer our partners around the world more than 800 different brands in the Beauty and Health categories.