Take advantage of our 20 years of sales experience. The UN/SHOP sales team can act as your development to identify and open new markets and new sales channels. Using special technology and an experienced sales team, we can create incremental distribution of your brands to develop a targeted approach to increase sales, revenue, and profits.

We’re where most consumers shop, focusing on big retailers, using their sales insights to find a place for your brand. We use our data skills to find the right place for you in their portfolio, and we use our extensive network of retailers and good relationships with buyers to create the right product flow for them. Because if it works for them, it works for us too!

UN/SHOP's 20 years of experience has shown that the team has established strong relationships with customers of all sizes. We have the ability to provide incremental distribution at points of sale to a variety of customers, including your renowned retailers right down to yards, pharmacies, perfumery, department stores, beauty and aesthetic clinics, and any other door-to-door outlet.

We reach markets that others don’t! The variety of UN/SHOP brands and low minimum order values made it possible to reach more than 2,800 unique B2B and B2C customers worldwide, making it a one-stop shop for small and large businesses.

We offer a flexible purchasing solution for many of our supply partners. We successfully combine residual, exclusive and non-exclusive distribution opportunities under one roof - working professionally, carefully and discreetly.

The UN/SHOP purchasing team is your way to our diverse customer base that is easy to trade with, whether you need a quick balance solution or an expert distribution partner - or both! From sales channel and regional management to repackaging and recycling, we can offer a customized wholesale and distribution service for your brand.

The UN/SHOP IT team can integrate interfaces with the supplier's ERP system and adapt to each brand's requirement, so we can manage smart distribution agreements and work with partners to create joint business plans. We work with brand owners to offer collaborative marketing - to present your brand or product directly to our various customers - from social media marketing to email advertising of trade letter photographs and exhibitions.